Introducing Microsoft Office Delve

Update 9/26/14 After our initial post two weeks ago, the INFINIT team started using Office Delve. To put it simply, the results have been impressive. We’re using it daily and already find it invaluable. Not only is everyone on our team saving time, Delve is eliminating the frustration of digging through email or OneDrive to […]

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Got Big Files? OneDrive’s Got You Covered.

This week Microsoft announced several new features for OneDrive that we know you’re going to like. They’ll be coming out for One Drive for Business users soon. They are: 10 GB uploads: Using the desktop apps for Windows, Mac, any of the mobile apps, or the OneDrive website, users can upload files up to 10 […]

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Microsoft’s “Free” Office 365 Migrations Come at a Price

If you’re tuned into Microsoft news, you’ve likely heard the scuffle over Microsoft’s announcement that they’ll being offering free Office 365 email migrations when customers buy 150+ seats, cutting out Microsoft Partners. While the details are as clear as mud, here’s why we think it’s bad for customers and partners alike: 1. Migrations are inherently […]

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INFINIT Featured in Microsoft Case Study

If you follow INFINIT news, you know that we’ve taken an “all in” approach to the cloud. Our method and partnership with Microsoft has lead us to a 336% increase in sales in just one year, and projected 500% growth. Microsoft took notice and selected INFINIT as a Partner Solution Case Study. Check out this […]

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How to Enable Litigation Hold on Office 365

*Please note your Office 365 Admin Portal may look different as Microsoft is rolling out Portal updates. 1. Log into the Office 365 Portal with Administrator privileges. You should see the “Admin” choice along with all the other Office 365 services. 2. Click on the “Admin” drop down menu and select “Exchange”.

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Thank You, Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO, recently published a blog post titled “Bold Ambition & Our Core” that I had the pleasure of reading. My initial reaction can be summed up in one word—FINALLY! This was the thought ringing in my head as I read this post. I have been waiting years (feels like decades) to […]

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Why Office 365 Beats Google Apps

It’s a question we hear often: why go with Office 365 when I can use Google Apps? We’ve heard the horror stories and helped dozens of business move away from Google Apps. Here are some of the reasons why they’re ready to change. More Complete Office 365 was developed with a complete and thorough vision […]

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Office 365 Helps Create Chicago Oasis

We like to hear and see examples of Office 365 in action. One such example is the 606 project, which was recently featured on Office 365’s ENGAGE Series. The 606 project is an undertaking led by The Walsh Group to transform 3 miles of unused Chicago rail line into an urban oasis. In this highly […]

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We’ll Help You Migrate to OneDrive for Business

A couple of week ago we posted about OneDrive for business’ dramatic storage boost: 25GB to 1TB! In that post we offered to help you migrate from a different cloud storage service to OneDrive for Business. How exactly? The answer is FastTrack! For many months we’ve promoted FastTrack as the ideal offer to get up […]

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Using Office 365 to Send Mail Through an App

Problem You have Office 365 and an application or service account enabled to send email. However, when you send email the “From” address appears to be the enabled service account, not the person actually sending the email, such as rather than Solution Run the following script to add Send As permissions to all […]

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