Mark Zuckerberg just signed the death warrant for the smartphone

Mark Zuckerberg’s speech at this year’s F8 conference illustrated just how fast technology is moving and the direction it is going. The overall comment in the article about Microsoft’s HoloLens boss sums it up, “HoloLens boss Alex Kipman recently called the demise of the smartphone the “natural conclusion” of augmented reality and its associated technologies.” […]

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We did it again! Microsoft 2016 US SMB Champions Club West Region Partner of the Year

INFINIT Consulting is thrilled to announce that we have been named Microsoft’s 2016 US SMB Champions Club West Region Partner of the Year! The award was given at Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference taking place in Toronto, Canada. INFINIT, a digital transformation company built to cloud-enable your business, has been selected from more than 2,500 nominations based […]

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INFINIT Consulting Offers its Patrons Invaluable Insights into Microsoft’s Project “Madeira”

Microsoft continues to evolve, making its enterprise-level offerings like Outlook even more feasible for smaller businesses. Microsoft’s latest cloud offering, built within the Office 365 ecosystem has been named Madeira. It is essentially a host of service-oriented apps within Outlook, aimed at improving business productivity, ensuring Microsoft email users don’t need to exit cloud-hosted, Microsoft […]

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How to Overcome Barriers to Digital Transformation

  Digital transformation is inevitable—businesses are quickly realizing this, some panicking about their level of preparedness while others are digging deep to find the necessary tools to steer their enterprise through this disruptive period. The skill to transform digitally without hurting your core business processes has become crucial for organizations, particularly those who have been […]

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Here is All You Need to Know about Microsoft’s Massive Social Experiment in China

Microsoft continues to impress, aggressively pursuing the path of churning out immediately adoptable enterprise-grade solutions and investing in innovations that should drive a bigger market share in an increasingly transforming digital space. However, this is not about smarter Office 365 solutions or intuitive apps. This time, Microsoft is delving into mysterious waters of IT – […]

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Do You Know All About Office 365? Think Again!

For most of us Office 365 is a subscription plan which consists of access to Office applications and other productivity services which are permitted over the Internet. These include cloud services like Exchange Online hosted email for business, additional online storage with OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business web conferencing. With cloud services being […]

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The Real Story Behind Microsoft Buying SwiftKey for $250 Million

Microsoft has purchased SwiftKey for $250 million—a move that clearly indicates the undergoing transformation Microsoft is pursuing, trying to bring the most relevant bundle of software and services to its various platforms. But Why SwiftKey? The Most Apparent Answer follows… Installed about 300 million times, SwiftKey is one of the most famous and effective alternative […]

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