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ERGOS offers manufacturing computer support and services. Your manufacturing firm requires cutting-edge IT solutions to complete projects and meet production deadlines without burning a hole in your budget. Over the years, ERGOS has helped countless manufacturing firms streamline their workflows, better collaborate with suppliers, and significantly reduce their IT expenses.

A dedicated ERGOS project manager will take you through the entire process, from consulting and planning to implementation and ongoing support. The success of your business matters to us, and we’re committed to providing you with the best possible IT solutions to help you achieve your goals.

We understand your challenges

  • NReducing production costs
  • NIncreasing process efficiency
  • NMaximizing uptime
  • NKeeping IT systems running at peak performance
  • NCoordinating supply and delivery logistics

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Our solutions for manufacturing firms

Software Support

Expert Installation, configuration, and support for ERP platform

Managed IT Services

Get all the IT support you need at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time IT staff

Cybersecurity Solutions

We protect your data from hackers and all forms of malware

Manufacturing Computer Support And Services FAQS

What are the IT services provided to the manufacturing industry?

When it comes to the world of manufacturing and supply chains, having a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure is critical. Managed IT services can help ensure that your systems are always up and running, no matter what.

Managed IT services for the manufacturing and supply chain industry typically include:

Network monitoring and management: 24/7 network monitoring and response to any issues that may arise; rapid resolution of network outages and downtime
Server monitoring and management: 24/7 server monitoring and response to any issues that may arise; rapid resolution of server outages and downtime
Application monitoring and management: 24/7 application monitoring and response to any issues that may arise; rapid resolution of application outages and downtime
Email security: protection from spam, malware, and other email-based threats
Data backup and disaster recovery: secure offsite backup of data to protect against data loss in the event of a disaster
Security consulting: comprehensive security assessment to identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and provide recommendations for mitigating them.

What is the role of IT in manufacturing?
The use of technology has always been an important part of the manufacturing process. In the past, most factories were powered by large machines that required a lot of manpower to operate. Today, however, factories are becoming increasingly automated, thanks to the advent of advanced technologies like robotics and computer-controlled machines.

In addition to automating the manufacturing process, manufacturers are also using technology to improve communication and coordination between different departments. For example, many companies are now using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to manage their supply chains. ERP software can help track inventory levels and supplier orders, making it easier to plan production schedules and meet customer demand.

Manufacturing companies are also using cloud computing to streamline operations. By moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud, manufacturers can reduce costs and improve efficiency. Cloud-based applications can be accessed from any device, making it easy for employees to work from anywhere, at any time.

Overall, it is clear that technology has a major role to play in the modern manufacturing industry. Thanks to advances in technology, manufacturers are now able to automate tasks, improve communication and coordination between departments, and reduce costs. As a result, manufacturing companies are becoming more efficient and profitable than ever before.

What are the 4 types of manufacturing processes?
The four types of manufacturing processes are:

– CNC Machining

– 3D Printing

– Injection Molding

– Casting