How to Overcome Barriers to Digital Transformation

  Digital transformation is inevitable—businesses are quickly realizing this, some panicking about their level of preparedness while others are digging deep to find the necessary tools to steer their enterprise through this disruptive period. The skill to transform digitally without hurting your core business processes has become crucial for organizations, particularly those who have been […]

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Reality Check into the State of Application Security

Application security was no more than an afterthought in software design until a few years back. Today, with the applications becoming more frequently accessible over networks, security has emerged as one of the major concerns to safeguard the applications from a wide range of threats. Users are apprehensive because unauthorized codes can be used to […]

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The Real Story Behind Microsoft Buying SwiftKey for $250 Million

Microsoft has purchased SwiftKey for $250 million—a move that clearly indicates the undergoing transformation Microsoft is pursuing, trying to bring the most relevant bundle of software and services to its various platforms. But Why SwiftKey? The Most Apparent Answer follows… Installed about 300 million times, SwiftKey is one of the most famous and effective alternative […]

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Your Complete Guide to Microsoft FastTrack

Enterprises are increasingly realizing the efficiencies delivered by Microsoft Cloud but onboarding on to a new platform does induce some apprehensions. Microsoft FastTrack addresses such issues. It is clearly better than standard onboarding practices. FastTrack offers plenty of tutorials and systematic user guides to ensure Office 365 deployment is easier and Office 365 offerings can […]

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New OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client

Microsoft has been surprisingly aggressive in 2015, launching products and unleashing updates, raising its credibility as a must–have IT solution provider for organizations of all sizes/scale. Microsoft has kept its promise, in fact delivering more than anticipated functionalities with its series of updates aimed at improving its overall reputation as a business-centric option with the […]

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2016 Has Just Begun & Already, it Seems Disruptive IT Transformations Will Prevail

2016 has started on a slightly unpredictable note from erratic stock market surges & dips to disruptive digital transformations. The year in motion seems intent on not presenting easy decisions for decision-makers, keeping them occupied with non-conformist trends. Industry experts opine that 2016 will witness more data models that are omnipresent, less restrictive and configured […]

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