The Real Story Behind Microsoft Buying SwiftKey for $250 Million

Microsoft has purchased SwiftKey for $250 million—a move that clearly indicates the undergoing transformation Microsoft is pursuing, trying to bring the most relevant bundle of software and services to its various platforms. But Why SwiftKey? The Most Apparent Answer follows… Installed about 300 million times, SwiftKey is one of the most famous and effective alternative […]

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Windows Tracks Your Data and You Shouldn’t Care

Privacy issues get a lot of media attention. Scroll through Twitter and Facebook and you’re sure to find an article or two about how your phone tracks your every move or that all of your data is not really secure, anywhere. The question has been asked: Windows tracks your data? Yes. The Truth About Data […]

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Upgrade OneDrive for Business – Next Generation Sync Client

Next Generation Sync Client for Windows and Mac After a successful preview program, we are happy to report that the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client is now available for deployment. Our top priorities for this release were improved reliability and performance, as well as delivering core capabilities such as selective sync, support for […]

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Northwest Area Partner of the Year

INFINIT Consulting Named 2015 US SMB Champions Club Northwest Area Partner of the Year For Release on July 21, 2015 INFINIT Consulting Named 2015 US SMB Champions Club Northwest Area Partner of the Year San Jose, CA — July 13, 2015 — INFINIT Consulting today announced it has been named Northwest Area Partner of the […]

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New INFINIT Office in Utah

It’s official! With offices in Silicon Valley and Washington, INFINIT is excited to announce that we are bringing our engineering expertise to the State of Utah. Our new office will be located at: 90 South Center Street American Fork, UT 84003

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INFINIT…now in CA, WA and Utah!

INFINIT continues to grow and our most recent expansion includes the Salt Lake State. If you follow tech, you know that Utah is home to the “Silicon Slopes” where giants like eBay and Adobe all have a presence. We’re excited to be among them and will share more details as we have them.

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INFINIT Celebrates 8 Years!

Labor day weekend is always something to look forward to, but it’s especially great at INFINIT because it’s our 8th anniversary! A lot of companies never make it past their 1st or 2nd birthday, so we want to thank our clients and dedicated team for helping make INFINIT the company we are today. We couldn’t […]

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INFINIT Featured in Microsoft Blog Series

We’re in the spotlight again! Microsoft is in the midst of a 5-part Cloud Profitability blog series and tackles the topic of “generating leads for your cloud solutions” in their most recent post. The series, written by Burke Fewel, Microsoft Director of Partner Capability Development Management, not only covers the basics of generating new sales, […]

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Internet Outage Last Week? Blame 512k

Starting earlier this week, reports of Internet outages started rolling in. Internet outages happen, but unlike most outages, which happen at random, this one was predicted by IT professionals since 2007. Why? Because a numerical limit of 512k. Starting on August 12, multiple Internet routers encountered their default software limit of 524,288 (aka 512k) IPv4 […]

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