The Real Insight on 2016 Business Intelligence Trends Part 2

In the first part of this discussion, we covered some emerging and prevalent Business Intelligence trends that will help enterprises gather, warehouse, govern, analyze and secure ever-increasing data volumes. As more data converges from more connected devices within and beyond the workplace, IT teams will need more from their BI tools. The discussion below substantiates […]

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The Real Insight on 2016 Business Intelligence Trends – Part 1

According to Gartner, revenue in the Business Intelligence & Analytics market will grow 5.2 per cent this year, reaching $16.9 billion (£11.6 billion) This is not just another write-up themed on emerging BI trends. Our approach is more real-time, a result of real interactions with industry leaders, innovators, Big Data influencers and experts with whom […]

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INFINIT is a Proud Winner of Channel Partners 360° Business Value Award

INFINIT is among the handful of IT solutions provider firms that have impressed industry experts and critics with their innovation and excellent customer servicing standards to be awarded with the Channel Partners 360° Award for 2016. Unlike other awards where parameters are focused entirely on generating monetary value, Channel Partners 360° Awards choose to honor […]

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How to Overcome Barriers to Digital Transformation

  Digital transformation is inevitable—businesses are quickly realizing this, some panicking about their level of preparedness while others are digging deep to find the necessary tools to steer their enterprise through this disruptive period. The skill to transform digitally without hurting your core business processes has become crucial for organizations, particularly those who have been […]

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Here is All You Need to Know about Microsoft’s Massive Social Experiment in China

Microsoft continues to impress, aggressively pursuing the path of churning out immediately adoptable enterprise-grade solutions and investing in innovations that should drive a bigger market share in an increasingly transforming digital space. However, this is not about smarter Office 365 solutions or intuitive apps. This time, Microsoft is delving into mysterious waters of IT – […]

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Predicting the Cloud in 2016: Identity Management will Grab Attention

Data Collaboration has emerged as one of the biggest advantages fueled by Big Data. This means more stakeholders seeking access to organization-owned data, including employees, contractors, external vendors and business partners. As this digitalization trend grows, it is also putting up questions about access-level management (and optimization) to ensure organizational data is never put at […]

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The Real Story Behind Microsoft Buying SwiftKey for $250 Million

Microsoft has purchased SwiftKey for $250 million—a move that clearly indicates the undergoing transformation Microsoft is pursuing, trying to bring the most relevant bundle of software and services to its various platforms. But Why SwiftKey? The Most Apparent Answer follows… Installed about 300 million times, SwiftKey is one of the most famous and effective alternative […]

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