Windows 8 Offers new Features for Windows Intune Users

Some new and very exciting features are coming with the
release of Windows 8 for Windows Intune Subscribers. At no additional cost,
Windows Intune subscribers will have access to download the upgrade to Windows
8 Enterprise before the RTM (release to manufacturing) hits the markets on
October 26th of this year. Microsoft has listened to its users and
delivered a product built with amazing new capabilities, including: faster boot
times, desktop application management and new dual-monitor capabilities, to name
a few.

Multi-Monitor Support

The new Multi-Monitor Support
features will be most enjoyed by serious multitaskers. Windows 8 now gives the
ability to have individual functioning task bars on each monitor in use.
Whatever programs you have open on an individual screen will be displayed on
that monitor’s own task bar, making management and organization a breeze.
Additionally, each monitor will have the option to have its own wallpaper that,
in tandem with the task bar feature, will give the user the feeling of having
multiple computers at their use.

Windows 8 App Store

Windows 8 will put users right at
the forefront of the ever developing App World. Just like your current smart
phone, there will be integration of a new Home screen with the ability to
download applications directly to your PC. While many of these apps are free
and range from weather, to travel and news, the business applications are the
most promising new feature.  Much
like other App markets for tables and smartphones, the Windows App Store is
open to developers and promises some great new business applications.
Additionally, for users of Windows Phones, these applications will sync between
your phone and PC.


In recent Benchmark tests, Windows
8 scored all around better marks over Windows 7, including things like boot up
and shutdown time, graphics and internet browser performance. In a Benchmark
test performed by, Windows 8 booted nearly ten seconds faster than
its Windows 7 counterpart on identical hardware; faster boot times means more
productivity in a world where users are constantly on the go and need quick
access to information. Read’s report.


With all the proven features of Windows Intune now sweetened
with the addition of the new Windows 8 release, Microsoft is stepping up their
game once again to provide a better platform across the board that focuses on
speed and productivity.