Are You Pro? Surface Pro 2 Offers Power & Improvements

“The tablet so versatile, it’s practically a laptop” say the folks at Microsoft of the new Surface Pro 2. As we reported earlier, Microsoft announced their latest line of Surface tablets, bringing powerful and productive changes. Like the Surface 2, one of the most exciting developments is 60% better battery life, meaning you can do serious work for a significant amount of time. In addition, the Surface Pro 2 has bumped up to the newest Haswell generation of Intel chips, can contain up to 8 gigabytes of low-power DDR RAM, and a SSD that reaches a half-terabyte. Plus it comes with the nifty new dual-position kick-stand.

Other new snappy features include:

  • Snap two apps side-by-side for speedy multitasking
  • Transfer files and charge up faster with the full-size USB 3.0 port
  • Display movies on the big screen with the Mini DisplayPort
  • Mark up documents or draw with the Pro Pen
  • Watch crisp clear HD widescreen movies
  • Backlit keyboard display
  • 200 GB additional SkyDrive storage for 2 years

While it’s super-powered, the Surface Pro 2 offers the same easy size and weight as its predecessor. The Surface Pro 2 hits stores October 22 with prices starting at $899. Word is they’re mostly snapped up, so reserve yours now.

See the new Surface Pro 2 features in action: