Office 365 Introduces Encrypted Emails

o365encryptionOffice 365 users will soon be able to send sensitive business communications with confidence. The new Office 365 Message Encryption, slated for launch in the first quarter of 2014, allows you to send encrypted emails to people outside your company, no matter what type of email client they’re using. This function is critical for bankers, lenders, attorneys and healthcare providers, to name a few.

Setting up and using encrypted messages is simple. Administrators simply need to apply encryption in the Exchange admin center. After sending an encrypted message, the recipient  sees an encrypted attachment with instructions to view the encrypted message. If the reader replies to or forwards the message, it is also encrypted. And because your company’s image is important, you can brand and customize your organization’s encrypted messages.

The best part is that Office 365 E3 and E4 users receive Office 365 Message Encryption at no additional cost—it’s included with the Windows Azure Rights Management you already have. CompleteCare+ clients will be upgraded automatically. If you want to learn more about getting Office 365 Message Encryption for your business contact us.