Office 365 – Giving Wings to Your Business in the Cloud

Office 365 is a service that includes the latest version of Microsoft Office, which currently is Office 2016. It has all the applications you are familiar with, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, in addition to the extra online storage, constant tech support with no extra costs, and a lot more!

Office 365 boosts your business efficiency with reliable access to services like email, file sharing, online conferencing, instant messaging, and Office Online, no matter where you are.

Experience Powerful Features of Office 365

  • Simultaneous co-authoring: Office 365 allows you to work on the same document with your colleagues that are saved on SharePoint or OneDrive without overwriting each other’s updates.
  • Two Microsoft cloud storage accounts on your Android phone: You can use both your corporate Microsoft cloud storage and your personal Microsoft cloud storage with a single app.
  • Support for Office Groups 365 in Outlook: Support for Office Groups is a new cool tool that eliminates messy email lists or groups. You can create a group of new colleagues with each group having their shared inbox, files, calendar, and integrated OneNote notes.
  • One-click Forecasting: This feature of single-click forecasting from the available data is something that Excel ninjas will truly appreciate. It makes the complex projections and derivations quite easier to get.
  • Skype integration: It lets users jump into Skype call while proceeding with the work at hand.

What’s New in Office 365? Lots more for Enterprises!

Microsoft has reached new milestones while introducing Office 365 Security Management and cumulative updates to the new version. Lately, Microsoft has announced updates for Office 365 which will make the customer experience better across the Office apps on Windows, iOS, Mac and Android. Office Planner, improvements to Office inking on Sway, Android and Outlook, and a preview of GigaJam are important among these updates.

New features Updated in Office 365

Office 365 subscribers can now create longer and more robust Sways with greater amounts of videos, tweets and other content. The content limits have been increased allowing you to create longer-larger forms with more multimedia. All the Office 365 subscribers will now be able to set passwords for their Sways, thus adding an extra layer of privacy. This guarantees that only people with a Sway password can view your work presentations, travel journals or other reports.

Also, Now New-looking Outlook Experiences

Streamlined travel and package delivery packages have been added to the Outlook for Mac and will be made available soon on Windows, iOS, and Android. This feature will help to add events from your mail automatically. This is also going to help you to check in for your flights and hotel reservations.

Get Office 365 Advanced Security Management

Advanced Security Management for Office 365 is a new set of competences powered by Microsoft Cloud App Security. This feature will help you take control over your Office 365 environment. You will be able to monitor security events and identify strange practices with threat detection. Simplify your cloud experience with Azure and Office 365. With better understanding and right cloud services, you have the chance to make your business more agile and a superior controlled economic model, while providing your customers with the best services.

Save a Bundle with the Cloud

Over a 5 year span, most companies will save tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, maintenance, and staff costs. Read about how one of our clients saved $50k migrating to Office 365 with INFINIT.

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