The Only Storage Company That Wants You To Buy Fewer Drives

That’s Compellent’s newest slogan – and unlike some marketing jargon out there, it’s actually the truth.  Compellent is slowly becoming one of the storage industry’s leading manufacturers having won award on top of award the last few years starting with its premiere recognition of InfoWorld’s 2008 “Best SAN” award.

Compellent is pushing ahead of its competition that has long cornered the storage market including NetApp, EMC, EqualLogic (recently acquired by Dell) and HP.  Starting to gain more recognition over the last few years, Compellent has been named one of the “top green IT organizations” by ComputerWorld.

Today, companies are begging for ways to stretch their IT budgets and as a result, many have hopped on the virtualization bandwagon.  Looking for ways to keep their businesses growing but reduce costs, Compellent has made it easy and cost-effective for companies to create virtual data centers.

Server virtualization is only the first step in the process.  To take full advantage of the benefits of server virtualization, organizations need the support of an advanced storage platform.

Compellent’s key virtualization features include:

  • Simplified data center management and provisioning – quickly allocate storage to virtual servers without downtime, provisioning new servers in minutes

  • High availability – boot virtual servers from the SAN, recover locally with continuous snapshots and replication for disaster recovery

  • Improved performance with Block-Level Intelligence – disk space is virtualized into a single pool of storage accessible by any virtual server and automatically managed at the block level

  • Reduced cost with Thin Provisioning – administrators can create virtual storage volumes for each virtual server without pre-allocating the physical storage capacity upfront

  • Optimize performance with Automated Tiered Storage – frequently accessed data can remain on faster storage, while less-frequently used data can be automatically migrated to more economical storage