Is your business aware of the security risk with copiers?

60% of Americans don't know copiers stored images on hard drives. released a news segment on YouTube in hopes to elighten businesses about the security risks with come with buying or selling digital copiers, scanners and fax machines.  All devices built after 2002 was embedded with a hard-drive that essentially stores and archives a history of all documents passed through that machine.

What happens when a company sells their old equipment to purchase upgraded hardware and neglects to wipe the hard drive?  Watch and find out the potential risk…

Sharp took control of the situation trying to get the word out to their customers and inform them of the potential security risk if they didn't take the proper measures to protect their business, customers and employees. "If you don't take control of your data, someone else will."

In the world of identify theft, corpriate espionage and malicious spammers, companies go to great lengths in implementing network security, employee password policies, email archival and data protection.  It's crucial for small business to large enterprises to ensure all data is wiped and removed from any machine prior to leave its operation center.