Introducing Microsoft Office Delve

Update 9/26/14
After our initial post two weeks ago, the INFINIT team started using Office Delve. To put it simply, the results have been impressive. We’re using it daily and already find it invaluable. Not only is everyone on our team saving time, Delve is eliminating the frustration of digging through email or OneDrive to find what we need. Instead, everything’s delivered right to you exactly when you need it.

Now the information you need finds you, courtesy of Office Delve.

What is Office Delve?
It’s a new way Office 365 business customers can discover relevant information and connections across their work life. Delve automatically displays the information you need based on the work you’re doing and the contacts you’re engaging. It’s all elegantly presented with intuitive ways to view the content, eliminating the need to remember where your stuff is stored or who shared it with you.

How Does Delve know?
Delve knows what information you need based on insights from Office Graph. Office Graph takes content and signals from your email, One Drive for Business, SharePoint Online and Yammer, to learn and map the relationships between people, content and activity across Office 365. In the future, Graph will include signals from email attachments, OneNote and Lync.

How You’ll Use it

  • Clears clutter from your inbox so you can focus on what’s important first.
  • Delve knows when you’re getting ready for a meeting and pulls together the relevant content into prep cards you can review en route.
  • Knows what’s trending in your group and shares it with you.
  • Instead of searching through emails, Yammer and OneDrive, you’ll have the right information delivered straight to you.

And so much more!