Google Apps to Office 365: Why Making the Switch Makes Sense

google_apps_logoWe recently read a great article on looking at one IT company’s decision to move from Google Apps to Office 365. Interestingly, the author, Derrick Wlodarz, is even a Google Apps Certified Trainer and Deployment Specialist, who has helped numerous organizations move to Google Apps, but decided to take his company two-feet first into the Office 365 ecosystem.

Wlodarz gives a candid and thorough review of both approaches exploring exactly the areas you might be thinking about:

  • SharePoint vs. Google Drive
  • Lync vs. Google Hangouts
  • Google Apps Sync for Outlook tool
  • Google Apps and HIPAA Compliance

After 30 days with Office 365, Wlodarz came to the conclusion “Google Apps isn’t a bad platform by any means. In fact, it’s pretty darn good. But in my eyes, when you view both suites as the sum of their individual parts, as a collective experience, Office 365 takes the upper hand.”office365cloud

Read his article From Google Apps to Office 365: Why my company ditched Google.