Get Ready for Your Windows Intune Trial

Right now Windows Intune is one of our fastest growing managed IT services and we’re happy to offer a free 30-day trial to see if it’s right for your business, too. Windows Intune gives you enterprise-level management and security, plus Windows 7 rights, all served over the cloud at a price you can afford.


Start Your Windows Intune Trial in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Get Ready
Learn about Intune’s features and benefits and web-based administration tools; read over the operating system and hardware requirements.

2. Start Your Free Trial & Get to Know the Windows Intune Console
Sign up for your free trial to try it for yourself! Start adding computers, users and mobile devices to Windows Intune. Quickly see your System Status, Tasks and Alerts from your Intune Console.

3. Create Reports and Help End Users
Start creating custom reports identifying computers with pending updates, exporting endpoint protection status reports and much more. Deploy software to managed computers or individual users, and let ERGOS handle requests for remote assistant.

Then sit back, and enjoy!

Read Microsoft’s Getting Started Guide and contact ERGOS for your free trial.