Attention Administrators: Upgraded Version of Microsoft Intune Arriving Soon

If you’re a Windows Intune customer still using the October 2011 release of Intune, Microsoft is upgrading you to this summer’s June 2012 release. With the latest release you’ll be able to enjoy the newest features of Windows Intune. Rest assured, you will be contacted prior to, and post-migration so you can plan accordingly.

While you’ll be upgraded automatically, to access the new features, administrators will need to login with their Microsoft Online Services User ID (which might look like, not your existing LiveID.

If you already have Microsoft Office 365 or CRM:

You must sign in with your same User ID as you use for your other existing Microsoft Online Services. If not, your Windows Intune and Office 365 will not be linked. If accounts are not linked, you will be unable to leverage mobile device functionality in Windows Intune and your Office 365 will automatically be taken offline.

To sign in, you will need to be a Global Administrator for the existing Microsoft Online Service. If you don’t have this status you can:

  • Contact your Global Admin and request to be given the appropriate status in your Account Portal.
  • Contact Customer Support and request Global Admin details (be prepared to answer appropriate security questions).

If you have no other Microsoft Online Service (like Office 365):

  • Sign up for a User ID as you go through the upgrade process. You will automatically be established as the Global Administrator for the account.

If you have any questions or concerns, INFINIT is here to support you. Enjoy your upgraded Windows Intune features!