Top ways to boost employee satisfaction

How important is employee satisfaction to your business? If you said “very much,” then great! Did you know that happy workers are 20% more productive than those who aren’t? And 39% of employees would work harder if they are happy in their current role or place of work.

When your employees are satisfied, they will work more diligently, helping you achieve your company goals faster. Keep your employees happy at work with these best practices:

#1. Implement flexible work schedules

Some employees might prefer to come to work early, while others might prefer to come in at a later shift due to personal circumstances. While certain business requirements must be met in terms of schedules, there are also benefits to offering employees flexible working hours.

Consider allowing employees to set their own work schedules to improve job satisfaction. Studies show that allowing flexible hours provides better work-life balance for employees. This also reduces absenteeism and employee turnover.

#2. Offer learning opportunities

Keep your employees engaged at work by offering them new learning opportunities. One way is through social learning, or connecting employees with peers, mentors, and coaches who can help them grow. You can host company-sponsored lunches, happy hours, or coaching sessions where your employees can connect with mentors who can help them enhance particular skill sets.

Employees will also benefit from books (on relevant subjects), online courses, and training sessions. You can encourage them to join seminars and attend industry events that are relevant to their jobs to help them enrich their knowledge and perform better at work.

#3. Reward exceptional performance

Your employees desire to be in a healthy environment that recognizes their work and not just receive their paycheck every month. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through the recognition of their good work because it confirms that what they do is valued by others.

Reward exceptional employees by giving them a certificate of achievement along with a useful treat, like restaurant gift cards, so they will feel motivated to keep performing well.

#4. Encourage telecommuting

According to the Department of General Services (DGS), the state of California encourages the use of telecommuting as a management work option. A good telecommuting program not only boosts employee morale and increases job effectiveness, but it also increases the state’s ability to respond to emergencies and amplifies effective use of new technologies within the state service.

To keep your employees happy and engaged, allow them to telecommute one to three days a week. This means working somewhere more convenient, like their house or a coffee shop. This way, they won’t always have to be subject to commuting to the office every day.

#5. Be more sensitive to their emotional needs

Emotional wellness is an essential part of your employees’ performance. Scholars at the University of California, Davis defines emotional wellness as the “awareness, understanding, and acceptance of one’s feelings.”

To encourage emotional wellness in the workplace, empower your employees to seek resources. Support discussions of struggles like stress, anxiety, and depression in your newsletters or by conducting interactive surveys. This is one of several ways to remind your staff that they are not alone, and it’s okay to ask for help. Make them feel that they serve a greater purpose, and are not just employees who do routine work.

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