The Office 365 Promise is Growing Bigger in 2016

Right at the start of 2016, Microsoft has presented its users with improved inking experience in Office 365, so that writing and drawing with your finger, pen or stylus is more intuitive and powerful. The attempt is intended at bringing Morph and PowerPoint Designer from Windows to common level to upgrade overall user experience. Office 365 users who have subscribed to Mac can access Office Insider Builds to explore new features.

Dynamic Inking Capabilities for Driving Workflow Efficiencies

In order to turn Office more responsive, versatile and convenient to use, researches have been made to intensify the functionality of ink and pen across all Office apps. Office inking tools for iPad pro and iPad are getting more intuitive. You can use Apple pencil or finger easily via these tools to prepare presentations, spreadsheets and documents. Digital inking tools from Office in 2007’s Windows PCs do not possess similar efficiencies—they cannot render similar outputs, making Office the clear winner. Once glance at the new features and you realize that the benchmarks for creating workplace or academic presentations have surely been raised. For instance, you can easily access inking tools with Draw Tab—placed at the top on Office ribbon.

Get Faster Inking in Office 2016

The apps have been induced with a feature that stimulates the inking process. Active pen enabled apps allows you to instantly start inking, without the need of selecting a feature or control. The apps can sense the approach of an active pen, thus saving valuable time. Give more clarity to those hand drawn shapes with new inking tools. These tools will entitle you to transform those imprecise shapes to perfect shapes and turn the presentation more visually engaging with diagrams. You can easily draw Venn diagrams by simply drawing two circles or can make flow chart with squares and arrows in just a fraction of a second. Office has come up with many interesting inking features to simplify the working with office. You can access the new features in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, One Note iPad Pro and iPad.

Office 365 Redefined with More Collaborative Scope

Current researches are aimed at bringing fundamental modifications to improve real time collaborations with Office 2016. The latest addition to it is real-time co-authoring on Windows desktop, on Word 2016. This underlines how Office 365 is being positioned to make everyday workflows less demanding. The basic version of AutoSave capabilities and co-authoring will be accessed by the Office Insider participants, most probably in upcoming Power Point Android and Preview builds of Word. iPad and iPhones packing PowerPoint and Word already have access to these collaboration features. The objective now is to expand these privileges and add more versatility across Office Apps along with boosting productivity levels.

Explore what is new in PowerPoint Designer & Morph

Morph and PowerPoint Designer were launched for Windows mobile and desktop in PowerPoint. Both are cater towards creating better presentations. Currently Morph is available for iPad Pro and iPad in PowerPoint program. The upcoming Preview Build will have both Morph and PowerPoint Designer for Office Insiders, specifically for Android Devices.

 Boosted with Mac and Office Insider Builds

Office Insider makes its presence felt with a Preview Program. The objective is to update Office 365 consumers about Office innovations—engagement is perhaps the best way to cultivate loyal users. The program was initially launched for Android, Windows 10 mobile users and Windows Desktop. In current scenario, Mac users can also access Office innovations. You simply need to log into Office Insider from Microsoft Auto Update (MAU) tool for gathering detailed data.

Rollout for Office 365 New Features to Emerge in Near Future

Wide array of platforms and devices that run on Office will be empowered with these features in near future. Office 365 will be rolling out these features across all platforms in the form of regular updates. The updates are already available in latest releases for iPad Pro and iPad, while Office Insider participants using Office 2016 for Windows tablets, Android tablets or Windows desktops might need to wait a bit longer.