Newest Microsoft Releases: What To Expect With Windows 7

What’s all the buzz about Windows 7? After Windows Vista took some pretty bad beating with bugs, incompatibility and constant crashing, the newest release of the Microsoft operating system has many waiting in much excited anticipation.  There is already chatter in the Windows community that Windows Vista will be compared to the earlier Windows ME version – only a mere testing platform and stop on the way to the much-loved release of XP. 

While there are still a number of improvements on the way and the final feature list has yet to be determined after initial beta testing rounds, Windows 7 is focusing its efforts improving the user experience with special features for both home and business users.

Some of the noticeable features include:

  • Improved, easy-to-use taskbar with a format that rivals Mac’s OSX interface.  Large icons for your most used applications sit at the bottom of the screen for quick and easy access.  Hovering over the icon with your mouse shows a live preview of your application for easy browsing.

  • New Jump List feature that allows access to quick access to your previously used documents inside of each of your applications.  Simply right click on the taskbar icon to view a list of favorite or recently access documents.

  • Easier file sharing for small business users transferring files to other computers inside of a network.

  • Search enhancements that allow enterprise users to find information across e-mail, PC and SharePoint all from one location.  Search multiple locations with a single unified interface. 

  • A closer step to true desktop virtualization allowing companies to centralized their data, applications and even their operating systems on the cloud with the use of virtual machines.

  • Enhanced security and flexibility for the mobile workforce.  DirectAccess in Windows 7 allows users to seamlessly and securely connect to their corporate network, without needing to VPN.

  • It’s hard to predict when the full release version of Windows 7 will be ready to ship to the public, but we are excited to start our own testing very shortly in our virtual lab to uncover what is really behind the curtain.