Essential Business Server (EBS): Solution for Growing Networks

We’ve recently had many small business customers on the edge of outgrowing their Small Business Server come to us and ask us “what’s the next step?”

Microsoft Essential Business Server is designed and priced for mid-size businesses and is flexible and scalable enough to support growing companies.  EBS is a multi-server solution that scales up to 300 PCs and multiple branch locations.  This four-server solution comes pre-configured to best practices and best yet – the simplified licensing plan only requires one server license across the entire platform.

Many small and mid-size businesses don’t have the right environment or expertise in-house to manage their own data center, or they’re simply looking for ways to minimize their upfront capital investment.  For those cases, more often than not we recommend an EBS hosted solution.  It’s important to consider all the costs of managing your servers in-house including: dedicated space, power, cooling, security and server management/support.  A hosted solution can provide your end users the piece of mind to securely connect to your servers without needing to hire additional dedicated resources to support your staff.

EBS allows mid-size businesses to take advantage of the robust enterprise-class features of a Windows infrastructure without the high price tag.  Not sure EBS is the right solution for your business?  We typically recommend this technology for those that fit the following scenarios:

  • Close to 75 users or will soon outgrow Microsoft SBS
  • Needs custom line-of-business application deployment
  • Small business with fewer than 75 PCs but is on a fast growth trajectory or has more complex IT needs
  • Business with a disparate IT infrastructure looking to consolidate their hardware and take advantage of virtualization benefits