2016 Has Just Begun & Already, it Seems Disruptive IT Transformations Will Prevail

2016 has started on a slightly unpredictable note from erratic stock market surges & dips to disruptive digital transformations. The year in motion seems intent on not presenting easy decisions for decision-makers, keeping them occupied with non-conformist trends. Industry experts opine that 2016 will witness more data models that are omnipresent, less restrictive and configured to drive results rather than just collate and index data. In this discussion, we present an overview of how we foresee 2016 in terms of a significant digital shift, particularly the emergence of the 3rd platform and cloud computing.

What are the most expected transformational IT trends for 2016?

Business leaders will need to define how they approach this evolution. If they plan to achieve true Big Data capabilities in the next five years, the time to start their digital journey is now. Yes, digital advancement is no longer an option—businesses need to be more liberal, realize that there will always be a few disruptions, small bouts of anxiety and workflow deviations as they go about gaining more IT competencies.


What might seem like IT disruptions right now might turn into the first step towards achieving higher productivity, faster-to-market capabilities, and upwardly mobile revenue streams. This will include every thing, from cloud computing to third platform expertise, but yes, as the year progresses more filtering in the form of segregating and choosing the more business relevant model will arise. For instance, an organization might not prefer the Public Cloud since it does not yield the best in compliance and reporting solutions whereas the Hybrid might emerge as the safest, go-to option.


How do organizations approach this transition?

Organizations need to choose the best blend—not an easy task considering the increasing number of IT vendors and infinite number of IT infrastructure choices. Perhaps, the best approach is to employ a service provider who can manage your Big Data journey. We are not talking about conventional IT consultants but solution providers who can conceptualize, roadmap, and deliver the perfect IT ecosystem, ranging from integrated ERP to social media data analysis or customer relationship management.


The real ROI lies in collaborating with trusted IT services providers and not standard IT vendors. For instance, a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), like INFINIT, ensures that the cloud can be personalized and managed to meet difficult data compliance requirements such as those associated with HIPAA or mandated by FDA. This is not the typical “outsourced” IT model but joining forces with technology experts who understand unique challenges inherent to your business setup.