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We offer a range of services to take care of your essential but time-consuming tasks, from network monitoring and routine administration up through security updates or remote support. We guarantee our service levels at low flat rates so you don’t have to worry about expensive pricing!

Cloud Solutions

As businesses become more dependent on digital information, the need for a comprehensive cloud management solution becomes greater. Without an expert in this field to guide them through it all and provide support when needed; many owners find themselves struggling with deploying their strategy smoothly without any assistance from others who understand what needs doing exactly – as managed service providers do!

The ERGOS team possesses vast knowledge about how best to deploy clouds so you can tap into its power while still being able to manage everything yourself.


Cloud-based services are the answer to every business’ IT needs. Microsoft Azure has emerged as a popular choice among businesses seeking flexibility in their cloud computing, with ERGOS providing consulting and managed service options for a wide range of industries from healthcare organizations looking at data analytics or finance firms craving more efficient systems that can help them make important decisions faster than ever before.

Enterprise Mobility & Security

Your company’s mobile workforce is constantly on the go, working remotely or in multiple locations. You need tools that are robust enough to keep up with their demands while also ensuring data security and employee satisfaction. We offer enterprise mobility solutions including enterprise single sign-on (SSO) for increased productivity; Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) policies so employees can use any device they want without worrying about IT approval processes—and more!


ERGOS is the perfect partner for all your cybersecurity needs. We offer customizable solutions to combat alarmingly sophisticated cyberattacks, without forgetting about protecting IT infrastructure from internal threats too!

Data Services

Data services are crucial for businesses as it is the lifeblood of their organization. Not only do they keep data secure, but they also provide backup and disaster recovery services, among others. Without data services, businesses would not be able to function as they rely on digital information to keep track of their operations.

IT Consulting

Every business needs a reliable IT consultant to maintain a secure and efficient network. A good IT consultant will help your business by assessing your current system, recommending solutions, and implementing them. They can also help train your staff on the best use of the new system. Virtual IT consultants are especially beneficial because they can provide remote support and maintenance. This allows your business to save time and money, while still getting the expert help it needs.

IT Support

A help desk is a single point of contact for users who need assistance with using a computer or with any other technical problems they may be having. Support desks are similar, but their primary focus is providing support to users with problems with the software or hardware they are using rather than assisting with general computer usage.

Both help desks and support desks can be precious resources for businesses. Outsourcing these services allows businesses to free up their employees to focus on more critical tasks. Additionally, by working with an experienced and qualified team of professionals, businesses can rest assured that their technical support needs will be taken care of in a timely and effective manner.

Media Services

Media services is a term that encompasses a lot of different services. In general, it can be thought of as how businesses can use media to reach their customers. This can include using online platforms like websites and social media and traditional advertising methods like TV and radio commercials.

Media services can be incredibly valuable for NYC businesses, as they provide a way to reach many people quickly and easily. Additionally, media services are often more affordable than other forms of advertising, making them an attractive option for businesses on a budget.

Network Services

Network services are essential for businesses of all sizes. Network monitoring and routine administration are just some services that ERGOS offers to take care of your essential but time-consuming tasks. Security updates and remote support are also available.

Software Development

Software development is critical for businesses in New York City, as it allows them to create custom applications that can help them be more efficient and productive. ERGOS offers software development services tailored to the specific needs of businesses in NYC, so they can get the most out of their technology investments.


A vCIO, or virtual CIO, is a service that provides a business with the same level of consulting and IT management as a traditional CIO, but at a fraction of the cost. A vCIO can help a business with anything from developing and implementing an IT strategy to day-to-day operations like network monitoring and security updates.

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