Things You Must Know About XSP16

XChange Solution Provider 2016 (#xsp16) provided an unmatched platform to the largest number of leading solution providers and technology vendors of IT channel to converge and benefit from each other’s experiences. The event held in Los Angeles, CA witnessed an independent gathering of more than 800 IT solution providers, thought leaders and analysts making it one of the biggest events catering to this segment. The agenda is ever-evolving which is a driving factor for top executives from prominent organizations to keep coming back to the event over the past two decades. The programs, products and business models were all focused on actionable initiatives that can really make a difference in offerings of IT solution providers.

Keeping Pace in the Age of IT Transformation 

Present business scenarios call for an ever-evolving IT, wherein solution providers need to guide and support their partners through the transformative processes. XChange Solution Provider 2016 was organized to assist the IT vendors in meeting the challenges with its channel-focused sales, marketing and operational workshops wherein the solution providers got a chance to network with hundreds of industry experts. Keen information sharing and idea sharing on the latest technology challenges warranted ample opportunity to the participants to rise up to the emerging IT challenges.

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Here are the Top 4 Reasons for Being a Part of the Event

  1. An Unparalleled Networking Platform- Since the event saw the convergence of tech experts and leading IT solution providers, it provided an unparalleled platform for strengthening relationship with peers, industry analysts and technology vendors.
  2. Information and Insights Galore- The event offered a great opportunity to learn about the newest industry trends and predictions for future trends, straight from the experts.
  3. Platform for Discovering What’s New– Participants got to know about the latest technology solutions and how they can improve their services to keep pace with the current trends. Direct interaction with industry experts provided an avenue to explore how the technology vendors can upgrade their services to meet the need of today’s agile businesses.
  4. Competitive Intelligence– Meeting peers and other technology vendors is a good way to know what all you need to do extra in order to drive revenue. Healthy interactions open the way to deliver the best in services, technology and prices.

Glimpse into the Format of the Event

From Boardrooms to Demo Rooms and Solutions Pavilion, XChange Solution Provider 2016 had everything to make the event more interactive and worthwhile for the attendees. While the Solutions Pavilion allowed live product demonstrations and face-to-face meetings for the best interactive setting, the Boardroom sessions helped the participants to gain perspective through discussions and debates in the closed door boardroom with a group of 12 -15 peers. The unique format of Demo Rooms was intended to allow tech vendors to meet channel executives from select vendors in an informal manner. Live product demonstrations along with discussions on strategies opened new doors for many IT solution providers.

Some of the prominently discussed topics included- How to embed security solutions within existing data center, infrastructure, mobility and cloud practices; The investments needed to run a successful security practice and The next-gen security solutions, among others. INFINIT Consulting took active part in the XChange Solution Provider2016, LA event, contributing to the valuable discussions on cloud security and ways to protect patrons from the latest threats.


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