IBM email challenges Google in the ‘cloud’

IBM on Monday will begin offering businesses a basic “cloud computing” email service at a price that undercuts a plusher offering by Internet giant Google. Software provided online as a service instead of being purchased and installed on home or office computers has been a growing trend accelerated by tough economic times…

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And Then There Were Two

Yahoo and Microsoft have finally partnered in a search agreement. A deal has been anticipated ever since Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo for 44.6 billion in early 2008. This current proposed deal however, looks nothing like that original offer…

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Microsoft Unveils the Bing Search Engine

Demonstrated by Microsoft Senior Vice-President Yusuf Mehdi, Bing was unveiled with the inevitable gag video—a portentous-sounding narrator called search “the final frontier” and noted it was a “five, six, uh, multiyear mission”— prominently featuring James Gandolfini…

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Hands On with Exchange 2010 Beta

I’ve spent the last few days living with code for Microsoft’s first public beta of Exchange 2010 Beta, and, I have to say, it looks like a good first attempt to tame the monster that is Exchange 2007. It seems that the software giant listened to the complaints about just how many administrative headaches…

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Exchange Server 2007 Migration: Look Before You Leap

While Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 offers a range of benefits over previous versions, many organizations are intimidated by the complexities of setting up and managing the new platform. Armed with a little knowledge of the added capabilities—and a lot of planning and design preparation—enterprises can dramatically reduce the headaches associated with configuring, integrating and managing […]

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VMware Continues Down the Desktop Path with Application Virtualization Purchase

Published by: InfoWorldWritten by: David Marshall VMware announced that it is once again opening up its IPO purse strings to acquire yet another company. This time, the virtualization giant is extending its reach across the virtualization market by acquiring application virtualization technology with the purchase of San Francisco based Thinstall. VMware said they are acquiring […]

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Enterprise Reporting Makes A Comeback

One of the oldest applications of computing is getting a new lease on life. Enterprise reporting, once associated with reports that data-center workers printed out onto greenbar paper and handed over to a select few, is gaining popularity as a business tool for the broader workforce…

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