Maximizing SharePoint Online 2013: SkyDrive Pro

2/20/14 Update: SkyDrive Pro is now called OneDrive for Business

This post is fourth in a series covering how to take advantage of SharePoint 2013’s many features, plus handy tips and tricks to improve your collaboration and productivity.

Today’s focus: SkyDrive Pro
Each SharePoint 2013 user has a central location to store personal and shared documents. Users have the option to synchronize their SkyDrive document library content with a local drive to enable offline access to documents using SkyDrive Pro. By default, documents saved in the SkyDrive document library are personal and restricted to the user, but can be shared  with specific users or groups for collaboration. When deployed, a user’s My Site document library is the default save location for any Office 2013 files. Saving documents to SkyDrive, instead of a local drive, gives the user flexibility to work with documents both on and offline.

Today’s tip:




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