INFINIT featured on Cloud Innovators

INFINIT was recently featured on, discussing the great benefits of Windows Intune and how Intune helped resolve IT problems for the March Development Company, an INFINIT client.

Here are a few notable quotes:

“[With Windows Intune] Customers can even send a request…chat or send an email to the IT partner, and we can, with the customer’s permission, assume control of that computer and resolve the issue without having to make an expensive trip to resolve the issue on site. That’s a really nice feature of Intune.” -Mike Brogan, Director of Marketing, INFINIT Consulting

“I think a lot of times it happens and we don’t even know it happens,” [Beth Wright] said of INFINIT’s Intune monitoring.  “We’ll come in, in the morning, and they’ve done updates and we’re not really sure what it is, but it works.” -Beth Wright, President, March Development Company

Read the entire article here. If your business is ready to let Windows Intune fix your IT dilemmas, get 25 Windows Intune user licenses with the Microsoft OS for just $11/month per user.