Ineffective IT is Costing SMBs Billions

moneysymbolAt your small or medium business, who is taking care of your office’s day-to-day IT? Is it someone trained in IT, or a non-technical employee you’ve turned into an “involuntary IT manager” (officially known as IITM)? A new study says that SMBs are losing over $24 billion in productivity every year due to nontechnical employees managing their IT solutions.

Why, you ask? Instead of focusing on their actual jobs which drive profitability, the average IITM is losing 3.1 hrs per week managing IT solutions—that’s 161 lost hours of productivity each year. All of it adds up to big losses. By outsourcing IT, you not only gain back those staff hours focused on your business’ core, but IT tasks gets done faster by IT experts who can quickly resolve problems.

You can read about the study here. If you’re ready to outsource or augment your IT, contact us.