Why you need the Cloud to move from Information to Insight?

Enterprises are undergoing a transformation in how they interpret Data—what was once silos of information is now being questioned for its relevance. The emphasis is on ‘INSIGHT’—using the data to understand cause and effect of specific business situations. This is about extracting not just relevant but employable information from customer and organizational data, i.e. making […]

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Architecting Enterprise Storage in 2016: Cloud, Big Data and Analytics

Enterprise level data storage has evolved dramatically in 2015. The emergence of data-hungry applications is driving the demand for ease of data warehousing, access, sharing and collaboration. Enterprises heavy on transaction processing or those analyzing seismic data have been conventionally guilty of consuming massive data. With organizations becoming more Big Data conscious, Analytics surfacing as […]

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Getting a Return on Investment from your Cloud

Reality Check: Being on the Cloud Doesn’t Always Mean Sky-High ROI So, your business is on the cloud and the general perception is that now workflows will get more streamlined, revenues will pick-up and client engagement will become better. However, just buying into a cloud subscription does not guarantee instant results or an impressive ROI. […]

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