Mark Zuckerberg just signed the death warrant for the smartphone

Mark Zuckerberg’s speech at this year’s F8 conference illustrated just how fast technology is moving and the direction it is going. The overall comment in the article about Microsoft’s HoloLens boss sums it up, “HoloLens boss Alex Kipman recently called the demise of the smartphone the “natural conclusion” of augmented reality and its associated technologies.” […]

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Learning to Navigate the Windows 8 UI

The Windows 8 UI (user interface), formerly known as “Metro” is quite different from the regular Windows desktop, but underneath the new Start Screen, you’ll find that the underlying desktop hasn’t unchanged.  Microsoft released the Windows 8 OS as a way to bridge the gap between touch devises with the regular desktop.  That means you’ll be able […]

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Entourage 2008 Error: Unable to Receive Email

Issue | Reason | Resolution Issue: When using Microsoft Entourage, users are unable to receive email into their Entourage 2008 inbox folder even though sending and deleting emails continue to work.  However, these email messages can still be accessed through phone and webmail.  Reason: The problem involves a local setting on your Entourage, spefically being an […]

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