INFINIT is a Proud Winner of Channel Partners 360° Business Value Award

INFINIT is among the handful of IT solutions provider firms that have impressed industry experts and critics with their innovation and excellent customer servicing standards to be awarded with the Channel Partners 360° Award for 2016. Unlike other awards where parameters are focused entirely on generating monetary value, Channel Partners 360° Awards choose to honor solution providers who have managed to create more, sustainable business value along with significantly improved outcomes for their clients across the Telecom, Cloud Computing and IT industry.

The Legacy of Channel Partners 360° Awards is Underway…

At Channel Partners 360°, expect appreciation for innovation, discovering indirect sales channels, new data convergence options, and better technology transition options. These awards were introduced as part of the Channel Partners Circle of Excellence program in 2013 with the sole objective of recognizing and felicitating IT & Telecom Channel Leaders who have been unafraid of transformation, enterprising enough to navigate through evolving technologies and deliver meaningful services to their clients.

The approach matters…

Channel Partners 360° is very selective about accepting contenders for this recognition. For instance, it chooses consultants, MSPs, system integrators, dealers, agents, and VARs that have a proven track record of providing holistic technology solutions. These are among the most valued IT niche awards across North America. The nominations are based on solutions orientation, innovation and customer service rather than just sales, revenue or growth—parameters that seem to overwhelm the jury across similar events in the IT marketplace.

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Expect Transparency & Industry Recognition, Not Hype

Vendor recommendations and certifications along with customer testimonials are taken into consideration when short-listing contestants. The philosophy is simple—any service is valuable only if it manages to create certain amount of business value, resulting in significant cost savings and increased productivity, revenue gains or better consumer outreach and engagement. However, these results should not be temporary or driven by short-term hikes. Consistency and future-preparedness matters too. Participants need to prove their capability by sharing their corporate portfolio, elaborating how they optimized managed services for their clients and continuously evolved to stay at par in this quickly transitioning ecosystem.

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 Digging Deeper into Event Highlights

The humble beginnings of Channel Partners Conference & Expo have moved beyond regional boundaries, making it a truly global event. Now, participants are not restricted to the US but come from China and Australia too. Those who have made their maiden voyage consider a mere nomination at par with true industry recognition. Yes, you should expect all the big names, particularly from North America, including Microsoft, Synnex and Tech Data. In 2015, the event witnessed more than five-dozen first-time exhibitors and hundreds of other applications. The top 50 applicants, including INFINT, received recognition during a dinner ceremony at the Spring 2016 Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

Business Value Awards 2016 Exceeded Industry Expectations

Providing a great platform for networking with already established technology solution providers, the event is an excellent way of identity creation in a chosen vertical. IT industry denizens see this event capable of creating tremendous value via productive interactions. From concurrent education to keynote platforms and networking, participants are leveraged with interactions with regional, nationwide and international brands in this segment. Whether you are a seasoned technology brand partner or a startup venture, there is always scope for learning—this event is the perfect platform to gain the spotlight and valuable insight. Expect everything from Cloud, Internet of Things, Unexplored Business Channels, Mobility, and Network Security to Big Data, Hyperconvergence, Enterprise Collaboration, Brand Communication, and Security to be the most talked about topics.

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Reality Check: Benefits of Attending Channel Partners Events

Each year, thousands of VARs, service providers, integrators and MSPs converge to share ideas and issues driving this industry. There can be no better platform for choosing enablement partners, mobile opportunities, new WAN options and IoT in general for agents. Participation positions every nominee and winner as a trustable brand, worthy of IT investments. Interactions with industry experts help to decode pitfalls of virtualizing data without a clearly defined vision and the emerging IoT environment that will consume data across the world. VARs can benefit immensely by exploring ways of increasing recurring revenue streams and avoiding downsides of MRR. Managed Service Providers can discover smarter solutions for data security or more versatile mobility management options.

At INFINIT, the primary focus has always been serving our patrons by creating customized, innovative services rather than imposing standardized service packages that are saturating the managed services marketplace.

INFINIT Consulting is now a Microsoft certified Silver Cloud Platform!

Quickly emerging as one of the most trusted, Microsoft cloud solutions provider, INFINIT Consulting strives to create more ROI from every IT spending, for clients from all industrial verticals. Recognition at this event underlines this approach.