Our Clients Kick it Up with SkyKick

147624_skykick-logo-300dpiA little while ago, we announced a new partnership with SkyKick to take the hassle and kinks out of migrating to Office 365. We are always looking for solutions to make things even easier for our valued clients by giving you back your valuable time and eliminating the stress often associated with Office 365 migrations. Let’s just say we and our clients are delighted with the results.

One of the first things we noticed is the reliability and speed. SkyKick’s application suite of Web Planner, Migration Sync and Outlook Assistant work together to make Office 365 migrations a piece of cake. Rather than weeks of interrupted work days and lost productivity, SkyKick gets you up and running in a few days from start to finish.

Rather than be worried about additional expense, CFOs see the overall reduction in cost when they calculate the downtime, extra IT hours, and lost staff productivity of a “traditional” migration. Put it all together and INFINIT + SkyKick is the only way to soar to the Office 365 cloud! Are you ready to fly? Contact us.

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